Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Injections 65 & 66

Well, I had my hair cut on last week and it’s nearly the haircut that my mother gave me in the early sixties and I cried for days over it. LOL I wanted her to glue it back on my head. There is nothing I can do with this hair until I get rid of all the chemical ruined hair and I get re-growth. There is no recovery it was so lifeless, wispy, dry and thin that it was flying out from my head all the time. I looked like I was semi electric shocked and it felt as if I were wearing an inside out fur hair band around my face. It itched me to death and drove me nuts. It’s gone now. I look like a pin head and I won’t be going anywhere for a long time. I really don’t want anyone to see me with the Olive Ole look. If I wear a turtleneck it covers my long neck. I still look like Olive Ole in a turtleneck.

Interestingly, my nurse practitioner told me at my last appointment that I was her first patient that she had to tell to EAT! “Stuff, yourself and eat, eat, eat!” I try. She said most of her patients come into tx with extra weight on them and the weight loss isn’t an issue. I started my tx with a great BMI for my height. I dropped 16 lbs very quickly and I still fluctuate between 134 and 137. However, my blood sugar dropped like a ton of bricks on this treatment and I battle that issue every day.

I am in very rough shape these last couple of weeks. I have been plagued by sick headaches and vision problems. My vision problem was checked out months ago and the eye specialist determined that it was migraine auras without the migraine. Well, these last two weeks I have been getting sick headaches. I have a clinic appointment this week so I’ll check with the nurse practitioner even though I am scared to admit anything to her. There is always the threat to haul me off the treatment.


Anonymous said...

Rose, I've been following your HepC journey from the start. You are tough and strong (even though you might not feel like that right now). You're so close to the end of all of this; it's working ... hang in there!
I've treated twice, and had a dismal result both times at 12 weeks - you're doing so well. Try to just get through Christmas this year, next year will be better.
(((((( hugs to you )))))
P.S. your hair WILL grow back!

PATSY said...

Rose - You have been a valiant fighter and I know you can make it through the rest of this. You are one determined woman! Try to take Christmas in stride - do not over do it. I am cheering you to the finish line my friend - Take care and many good wishes and hugs!!