Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I didn' t rally around until this afternoon. I was ill and managing to put one foot ahead of the other since Friday afternoon last week. I am suspicious that I may have had a bout of the flu as co-workers are off with it. Ironically, I didn't take a day off as I thought it was tx. I don't want to use up my sick days yet. With 62 more weeks left I kind of think I should hoard them. I wonder if the riba kept the flu in check as I didn't get it as badly as my co-workers ?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shot # 10

I had a miserable evening last night after coming home from work. I was sick as a dog and I think now that I didn’t eat enough with my pills I had with dinner. I managed to stop the urge to vomit with deep breathing and I did get up off the bed at 7:30 to do my injection. I was not well all day today and I stayed close to the bed.

10.5 pounds less and I hope I’m not getting to the nausea stage of this treatment that so many people seem to go through. I was doing well with not having nausea. I’ll have to force more food down as it was not pleasant evening on Friday.

I worked 40 hours this week and that could have been a contributing factor to the downslide on Friday.

I shall push on!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

63 More Weeks

I was feeling so well by Tuesday last week that it was scary. I had a miserable Monday and the rest of the week I almost felt OK. I had my shot # 9 on Friday night and I actually had an OK weekend. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything the last nine weekends because I don’t know how I’m going to feel from one hour to the next.

I had a nosebleed this morning, but it might be from the dry air from indoor heating although I’m not prone to nosebleeds. I won’t be seeing the NP until the end of December so I might get my own doc to check my blood.

Let’s see if the second peak of the meds hits me tonight at midnight (my theory) and see how I feel on Monday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

64 More Weeks

I didn’t get a two log drop on my four week bloods. 1.63 drop so I get to plug along and not have another PCR test until week 24. This makes absolutely no sense to me. However, when I questioned the NP she said…”It’s all I have to offer.”

At least it’s working. My bloods from Oct 19 indicate that my ALT is 28 and my AST is 24 so that tells me that the minor inflammation I had prior to starting tx is now under control.

The NP called yesterday to tell me that my HB dropped from 106 to 104 in two weeks so I hope that it will level off. She was also concerned that my blood sugar dropped. I’m feeling the burn. I took shot eight last night I took a really bad fall a few hours later when I was chasing the kitten so I can no longer trust myself to be sure footed. This morning I feel as if I were pummeled. My neck, shoulders, arm and hand are very sore. I didn't think I was going to bruise earlier today, but it's a deep one on my hand and thumb. I am hoping that it's not visible by the time I go to work on Tuesday. Extremely sore this evening along with needle sides.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week 7

I had the usual beached whale feeling Saturday and Sunday, however, Monday and Tuesday really knocked me for a loop. I was breathless and the fatigue is worse. I’m still upright, though. I just move slower.

I find out this week how my viral load did on the four week bloods.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 6

I am holding my own. Pretty well wiped by the time I get home from work. Some nights I manage to do a little bit, but I wear down fast.

What's with this shaky, wobbly voice that I have acquired? I sound feeble and worn out when I talk. My friend thinks I have a terrible cold and eventually when this rough voice doesn't ease up I'll have to admit that I'm on some sort of meds.

Went to my regular doc this week and had the six month shot of Twinrix. I probably should have waited until I was finished treatment. I'll get it checked around Christmas time to see if it worked or if the tx has supressed it. I also received a flu shot even though the NP told me that it wouldn't do me any good. My doc didn't hold much interest in the NP's advice. LOL