Sunday, January 11, 2009

# 70

I just injected #70. Everything is moving in slow motion. I am worn out and sick. Of course, I’m still angry as hell over this diagnosis and the extended treatment from hell. It was my choice, but I never bought into 72 weeks.

My father-in-law has been combating serious health problems and has been in and out of intensive care since before Christmas. He ended up there the other night with a bleeding ulcer from the blood thinners. My Mother-In-Law is needy (justifiably so) and is clinging to her son.

My husband is showing the signs of stress and fatigue from trying to appear to have a stiff upper lip through crisis after crisis. The propane scare really upset him because he felt responsible. When someone is on any type of treatment for any reason they do need to be looked after and I think he thinks he let me down and it could have been very serious.

Now he’s dealing with his father being seriously ill.

One thing about treatment you cannot predict how your life transpires while you are on it. You seem to get hit from all sides with “life going on” while you are battling your own demons.

The refrigerator repair person was back to replace the part that was ordered for the fridge and he was horrified at what happened regarding turning on the gas stove accidently. He called his supervisor immediately and this company is going to file a report to Maytag regarding this hazard with this type of stove. I expect that someone will be contacting me to come and determine what happened so that it never happens again to anyone else.


My Other Blog said...

You're so close to the end! Just keep going, one foot in front of the next, it will all be over soon.
All the best.

jb said...

Two more to go flower then we play the waiting game for a while..... I feel for the carers that have to care for us.... I'm almost half way... so chasing you... warmest regards jb

Marsha said...

I relate to the whole extended tx anger. I wish you the best on that. *hugs*